DDR-150 Rotary Positioning Stage

Direct drive brushless DC servo motor

  • Precision ground ABEC-7 4-point contact bearings
  • Durable stainless steel top plate with through hole
  • Resolution to 0.2 arc seconds
  • Highly repeatable Hall effect home and limit switches
  • Optional encoder scale cover
  • Ideal for:
    • Wafer Inspection
    • Precision Assembly
    • Laser Machining



Low Profile Direct Drive Rotary StageAnorad's new DDR-150 rotary positioning stages are designed for precise position and velocity control in light to medium force applications. High performance is achieved through use of a brushless DC servomotor, high resolution optical encoder and precision bearing set all housed in a compact and precisely machined aluminum base with a rugged stainless steel top plate.


The direct drive servo control of the brushless DC motor has several advantages over conventional gear driven rotary stages. Backlash is eliminated, torque variation is minimized, plus gear and brush wear are no longer factors in long term usage. Added benefits include speeds up to 360 rpm, 0.2 arc second resolution and ±1 arc second repeatability. Step-and-settle time is also reduced due to increased servo bandwidth.

Available options for the DDR-150 include a variety of encoder resolutions to meet your speed and accuracy requirements. An axial through hole for use with pneumatic or optical devices; adjustable home, limit and hardstop positions; and a sheet metal cover to protect the encoder and internal components.


TravelunlimitedMaximum Velocity21273 rpm
Accuracy±20 arc secAcceleration34 rad/s2
Repeatability1 (bi-directional)±1 arc secAxial Capacity25 kg
Resolution10.214 arc secAxial Runout (TIR)5 µm
Stability±2 countsRadial Runout (TIR)5 µm
Minimum move10.5 arc secWobble3±8 µm
Peak Torque7.4 NmThru Hole diameter35 mm
Continuous Torque1.4 NmConcentricity (Thru hole)±2 µm
0.217 kg-m2Stage Weight3.5 kg


DDR-150 ConstructionMechanical Features
Stationary BaseHigh strength aluminum alloy with black anodized finish (Nickel plating optional)
Rotating Table
Stainless steel with passivated finish
Bearing System
ABEC-7 precision ground 4-point contact radial bearing
Incremental optical encoder with reflective tape scale (50 lines/mm)
Limit SwitchesHall effect home and limit switches



  1. With 0.214 arc sec resolution (256x multiplication)
  2. At lowest resolution (top speed dependent on controller and resolution)
  3. Measured at 60mm radius

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