golf in ıtaly

Golf is a very modern game and yet maybe it is one of the most ancient.

The love for nature,for the environment and for natural landscapes, today unites in the name of Golf more than 60 million people in the world, overcoming barriers of all kinds.

The Romans used to play this sport, the "paganica", with a stick and a leather ball stuffed with feat hers. Ancestors of Golf are also the English "cambuca" of the 13th and 14th century, the "jeu de mail" in France, the "Het kolven" in the Netherlands. Golf as we know it today is played in magnificent fields in incontaminated landscapes dotted with thousands of natural hazards.

The purpose of this page is to divulge the many opportunities for playing Golf in Italy: Golf at the lakes, at the sea, in the mountains, around the art cities, in spa localities, in harmony with the most extensively equipped tourist resorts.

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