Recover, Repair, Recycle

Benefit from Huntron's 30 years of providing quality Diagnostic Tools for PCA Recovery
 With today's val
id concerns for protection of our environment, the recovery, repair and recycling of printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) is a positive move towards sustainable environmental-friendly practices.
Huntron has been helping businesses troubleshoot and repair printed circuit assemblies for over 30 years. Repairing rather than discarding failed PCAs keeps the potentially harmful chemical components such as lead out of our world's landfills and disposal sites.
Below is a list of Huntron products to help you recover, repair and recycle PCAs:
• Huntron Tracker 2800
• Huntron Tracker Model 30
• Huntron TrackerPXI
• NFSA RF Prober
New Version of Huntron Workstation Available!
A new version of Huntron Workstation is now available for download. Go to the Workstation Support web page to download version 4.1.3273! Update December 22, 2008.
New Automated Near Field Signature Analysis
 Combining the Huntron Access Robotic Probing Station, Huntron Workstation Software and the new Test Evolution (TEV) Non-Contact RF Near Field Probe with local synthetic measurement technology sets the standard for Near Field Signature Analysis (NFSA).
Placing the sensor, receiver and signal processing in one compact RF Probe assembly allows the sensing of EM fields emanating from RF circuitry. A specific position in a Near Field is defined as a Virtual Test Point™ (VTP) where a NFSA measurement is made. Identical circuits emanate nearly identical fields at the VTP. The combination of Huntron Prober and TEV RF Probe allows accurate positioning and measurement of VTPs. This provides the repeatability to measure VTP's from 200MHZ to 3GHZ on RF assemblies.
When used for test, an engineer examines the UUT schematic with an eye toward following the RF signal path. Using Huntron Workstation Software, points along that path are selected for Virtual Test Points (VTP). A set of known good boards are then scanned making and saving Near Field signatures at the VTP's. Unknown UUT's are scanned with the same VTP's against the saved signatures. Any deviation against stored signatures indicates areas of concern.
Near Field Signature Analysis (NFSA) is close proximity sensing of EM fields emanating from RF circuitry. Near Fields are close to active circuits with the strength dependent on power and circuit design. AC circuits radiate a unique frequency and magnitude “signature” being a function of frequency of operation, magnitude, distance to the test probe and geometric location of the probe.
The RF NFSA Prober will be available from Huntron to USA customers only in early 2009. Contact Huntron for more details on Near Field Signature Analysis.
Download the latest NFSA RF Prober brochure now!
Huntron Access USB Probers
 The NEW Huntron Access USB Probers are the latest versions of the popular robotic probers used to automate testing of complex printed circuit boards. The Access USB Probers come in two sizes - the Access USB Prober can handle PCBs up to 19.4” by 14” and the larger Access 2 USB Prober can hold PCBs up to 22” by 23” in size. The new Probers come with a USB Probe Tip camera to monitor the probe placement as the test progresses. Both Probers uses linear encoders for incredible 20 micron accuracy. The new Access USB Probers can also be ordered with the Tracker Model 30 embedded inside the chassis for a space saving, all-in-one platform.
Download the latest Diagnostic Systems brochure now!
Huntron's flexible, automated diagnostic solutions help people solve circuit card problems.

Huntron was founded in 1976 with the introduction of the Huntron Tracker®, the pioneering troubleshooting tool that uses power-off signature analysis to identify component failures on printed circuit boards.

Today, Huntron's reputation in providing automated power-off diagnostics results in instrumentation and software for test, inspection and repair of electronic printed circuit assemblies.
 As density and complexity increase, printed circuit assemblies become tougher to probe and test. Huntrom complements conventional test equipment with access and test tools that catch the elusive problems other test methods often miss. The keys are physical and virtual access, which translates into meaningful results such as shorther design cycles, improved production yield and lower warranty costs. When you need to test, diagnose or troubleshoot complex circuit boards, Huntron lets you access, explore and discover more.
Contact us for more information on how we can help solve your test and troubleshooting needs

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